Match-Making For Startup Founders


What You Get

Finding a co-founder can be a long and frustrating process. And when you find one, how do you know they have the skills and the experience you are looking for?

What if there was a way to simplify the whole process? After a couple of failed attempts and a lot of nagging by our friends, we decided to do something about it. Here's how it works:

  • We maintain a high-quality mailing list with 600+ potential co-founders
  • We pre-screen all requests fo a co-founder posted to our mailing list
  • We check the references of the people who post requests
  • We do not spam
  • We do not resell your personal details


How works?

You can use in two ways:

  • You can subscribe for free and read all RFCFs (Requests for a Co-Founder) posted to our list
  • When you are ready to post your request, you get in touch with us

When you decide that you want to post your request on the Founder Search List, we ask you a number of questions, then we do reference checks, edit your request, send it to you for approval, and finally, we post it on the Founder Search List.


Join the Founder Search List

Posting an RFCF (Request for a Co-Founder) costs money, but you can join our mailing list and receive other members' RFCFs for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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